Find and Water YOUR People – Daily

Find and Water YOUR People – Daily

I invite you to take the leap and find your own people if you’re feeling a little static, a little unsupported or a little lonely. They may be right there where you live, or, they may be on another continent. Humans need connections to thrive, so there’s no shame in intentionally seeking your people – wherever they may be.

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Improv got me out of a funk, got me active, helped me learn things about myself, and has 100% helped with my stand up. Since signing up I have done stand up three times, more than I usually do in two years, in only a few short weeks. Improv has had such a tremendously positive impact on my life.

St. Augustine, FL

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The Adventure Project is a full-service, experience-based company based in St. Augustine, Florida that offers improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games and retreat activities for self-exploration and team building. We host individuals, corporate groups and travel adventures for adults by creating transformational experiences through the art of play.