Finding my adventure in Juneau, Alaska at the Alaska State Improv Festival

The Adventure Project uses the hashtag #findyouradventure, which has a deeper, richer meaning than what may appear on the surface. “Finding your adventure” means discovering the lifestyle that suits you – not the one that society, or your family, or any other influencer may have in mind for you. We only have one life and if we let others dictate what we “should” do, we never find — and nurture — our own unique adventures that feed our souls.

Find Your Adventure …

At Home

Instead of having a white picket fence around a suburban house with a spouse and three kids inside, what do we really want from our home life?

  • No kids, adopted kids or maybe only one kid?
  • A beach cottage, a mountain cabin, a city condo or maybe a houseboat?
  • A single life, a partner who lives elsewhere or maybe a live in boyfriend or girlfriend?

Finding my adventure teaching grown ups the art of improv theatre.

At Work

Instead of reporting to a 9-to-5 job in a cube, what lights us up about work?

  • Is it getting our hands dirty every day?
  • Is it having our own business?
  • Is it working online with no office at all?

At Play

Instead of daily happy hours or large doses of television, what brings us true joy?

  • Is it traveling for a weekend, a week or even several weeks?
  • Is it taking a class to learn a new hobby?
  • Is it spending time in nature?

And there are so many more questions to ask on these subjects – and others. Even if you go the traditional route, that’s fine – if it’s really your own adventure. I invite you to take some down time over the summer months to ask yourself what you can do to find your adventure. Let me know what you discover.

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