This month is The Adventure Project’s 2-year anniversary in St. Augustine and we’re thrilled to celebrate the emerging improv community!

In 2 years we’ve:

  • Taught 27 improv classes at Limelight Theatre
  • Appeared in 7 improv festivals
  • Hosted 3 kids improv camps
  • Watched 2 classes graduate from the improv training center
  • Produced countless sold out improv shows
  • Hosted numerous Yes Minglers and Improv Playgrounds
  • Created the Street Improv team and the Improv Adventure troupe
  • Facilitated improv trainings and laughter yoga playshops for people from 9 to 92 at non-profit staff trainings, after school programs, senior centers, yoga communities, tech start ups, nurses conferences, college campuses and so many more places close to home, and, far away

And while the number 2 may seem significant as an anniversary, that number really means so much more…

Without at least 2 people we can’t have any of these adventures as none of this can be done alone.

Can you imagine…

  • An improv class of 1
  • A festival with only 1 performer
  • A camp with only only 1 camper
  • A graduation that honors only 1 student
  • An improv show without an audience or without an ensemble
  • Mingling alone on the playground
  • Team building without a team, laughter yoga with no one to laugh with, a playshop with no playmates

YOU make The Adventure Project what it is because without you, there are no connections, there are no teams, there are no ensembles – there is no community. So thank you for being here for the adventure. Here’s to many more years together!

Upcoming Adventures:

Level 1 – Improv Basics
Mondays, March 12th – April 16th
6:30 – 9 p.m. at Limelight Theatre
$125 through March 5th
$145 March 6th – 11th

Throughout this introduction class, students will explore the basic concepts of improvisation in a warm, safe and supportive environment. The class is designed to build self-confidence and explore creativity using the fundamentals of improvisation. Designed for both actors and non-actors, it will expose students to:

  • Being – and reacting — in the moment.
  • Accepting and building on gifts from other classmates.
  • Embracing – and using — failure.
  • Co-creating with others (listening, communicating, giving & taking focus).
  • Thriving in an unscripted environment.

Students leaving this course will have a working understanding of the basic fundamentals of improvisational theater as well as an increased appreciation, and comfort, with being on stage without a script.

Level 2 – Advanced Improv
(Prerequisite: Level 1)
Wednesdays, March 14th – April 18th
6:30 – 9 p.m. at Limelight Theatre
$125 through March 7th
$145 March 8th – 13th

Level 4 – Scenework Foundations
(Prerequisite: Levels 1, 2 & 3)
Tuesdays, March 13th – April 17th
6:30 – 9 p.m. at Limelight Theatre
$125 through March 6th
$145 March 7th – 12th

Level 6 – Advanced Play
(Prerequisite: For graduates of The Adventure Project’s Improv Training Center only)
Mondays, March 12th – April 16th
6:30 – 9 p.m. at City Bistro
$125 through March 5th
$145 March 6th – 11th

Improvapalooza – a BIG improv comedy show
Saturday, March 24th
7:30 p.m. at the Corazon Cinema and Cafe

To celebrate our 2-year anniversary in St. Augustine, The Adventure Project hosts Improvapalooza – a BIG improv comedy show. Improvapalooza features acts from Florida’s First Coast including:

* Beastwood – long form improv from Jacksonville
* It’s All About Amy – long form improv from St. Augustine + Jacksonville
* More Cowbell Musical Improv – musical improv from Jacksonville
* The Improv Adventure – St. Augustine’s only home grown improv troupe

Please visit The Adventure Project’s calendar for tickets, registration and more event information.

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