Let Amy work with your group, virtually!

All of the group offerings Amy loves to provide are now available in a virtual format! These are unprecedented times, and your team or business needs to unwind, have fun, and enjoy being together while apart. Contact Amy to see how The Adventure Project can work with you!


Fast and furious, GenNOW is a gamey improv show where everyone wins! It features players from all ages as GenNOW showcases the power of cooperative play for every generation!

3 Blind Dates
Modern Dating: Unscripted

The unscripted romantic comedy 3 Blind Dates follows 3 single ladies through a round of speed dating and the dates that occur as a result. The twist? The audience selects which speed dater goes on a date with each of our ladies!

Think it’s real speed dating? Nope. Think it’s scripted theater? Nope. It’s unscripted romantic comedy poking fun at our oh-so-modern dating.

3 single ladies. 3 blind dates. What could go wrong? After all … It’s just one date!

3 Blind Dates has appeared in the 2015 Colorado Improv Festival and the 2015 Boulder International Fringe Festival. The show won “Best Improv Form” in the 2015 Colorado Improv Awards. Its Florida debut was on Valentine’s Day 2016 to a standing room only audience.

It’s All About Amy

it’s All About Amy is the unscripted story of Amy’s life that combines true monologues about Amy’s childhood with true-ish scenes. Audiences are left to figure out if art is imitating life or the other way around. Consider it a fictional interpretation of a non-fiction story! It’s All About Amy has appeared at the 2020 and 2019 Wasatch Improv Festival, the 2020, 2019 and 2018 Countdown Improv Festival, the 2018 Alaska State Improv Festival, the 2017 Corazon Comedy Festival, the 2017 321 Improv Festival, the 2017 Omaha Improv Festival, the 2017 Miami Improv Festival, the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 Palm Beach Improv Festival, the 2016 and 2015 Tampa Improv Festival, Duofest 2015, the 2014 Colorado Improv Festival and the 2014 Denver Improv Festival. The show also travels regularly outside of the festival circuit and has appeared in Jacksonville, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, San Diego, Sarasota, Lakeland, Seattle, Boise and NYC. Maybe YOUR city is next!

It’s All About You

A show that features YOU as the main character! How, you ask? Our team of improvisers invite you to the hot seat where we find out everything we need to know about your life so we can put it on stage – immediately! This show is perfect for birthday parties, graduation, retirement, engagement and other celebrations where YOU are the star!

Tiny Town

Secrets of St. Augustine (or your town) are revealed through audience suggestions and then played out on stage. Don’t have a town? Throw out the town and insert organization, family or any other institution where people gather. Great for company celebrations, family reunions and local festivals! Whatever the case, we’ll find the fun and funny that’s been hiding in your group.

Custom Show

Want a show that has yet to be created? The Adventure Project is happy to put together a custom show adventure that’s special to your group!

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I am grateful to have this opportunity to focus on myself and continuing to develop my relationship skills to enhance my enjoyment of the next decade of my life. I’m already delighted with the experience and am eager to play for many more weeks with you! It feels like recess.


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The Adventure Project is a full-service, experience-based company based in St. Augustine, Florida that offers improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games, retreat activities and team building for personal and professional development. We host individuals, organizations and travel adventures by creating transformational experiences through the art of play.

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