Let Amy work with your group, virtually!

All of the group offerings Amy loves to provide are now available in a virtual format! These are unprecedented times, and your team or business needs to unwind, have fun, and enjoy being together while apart. Contact Amy to see how The Adventure Project can work with you!

Offerings for Groups


(All programs available virtually, too!)
From middle school students making connections in a supportive environment at an after-school program to employees growing together through cooperative play to senior centers keeping their residents agile through brain exercises, The Adventure Project offers a diverse range of services that teach soft skills easily translated to real life experiences. So be in the moment, forget the stress of every-day life and include The Adventure Project in your next group adventure.

Team Building Facilitation

Creating an engaged team within your corporate culture or organization can lead to less turnover and more productivity. Those are just a few of the reasons why The Adventure Project offers Team Building Facilitation including communication and empathy training. From college campuses and non-profit organizations to on-site corporate retreats, effective team building creates trust, encourages communication and increases collaboration.

Turning Your Team from Meh to Yeah!

Get ready to transform your team spirit with The Adventure Project’s “Turning Your Team from Meh to Yeah!” In this experiential team building playshop, teams will use improv’s signature “yes, and…” communication tool to retrain the brain for better problem solving, collaboration and relationships. Participants will learn to:
*Reframe how they think about each other
*Understand how to model behavior that showcases “we” instead of “me”
*Actively listen to and support each other
*Offer solutions or new ideas to get the wheels of creativity churning
*Create positive and open conversations
*Be flexible and respond in the moment without pre-made plans

Loosen Up with Laughter Yoga

As a certified laughter yoga leader, Amy’s organic process of creating a room full of laughter will connect your group for a session of stress relief and bonding. Whether it’s a corporate lunch hour or conference, Amy’s laughter yoga techniques focus on breathing, laughing and eye contact to create interdependence amongst your group. (No experience with yoga … or even laughing necessary!)

Improve Your Business via Improv

Have you ever wondered why those actors on the TV show “Whose Line is it Anyway?” are so quick on their feet? They trained for it. Actually, they re-trained their brains to be better listeners, to be more agile in the moment and to be stronger collaborators.

What if YOU could do the same thing and apply it to your business life to create stronger teams and more meaningful engagement? You can! The Adventure Project will show you how in this cooperative playshop. By practicing communication and connection using improv-based training, your team can improve their business leadership skills – and have fun while doing it!

Campfire Conversations

People do business with people (even in tech companies)! It’s no surprise then that the #1 indicator of a high-performing, innovative team is the psychological safety and trust that develops through social connections. Campfire Conversations is a way to develop a culture of connection and belonging in the workplace. When team members feel respected, valued and have co-workers who “got their backs,” they are less like to change jobs. By strengthening empathy and emotional intelligence skills, retention rates – and morale – improve making company culture happier and healthier!

Yes Mingler

Imagine an ice breaker event on steroids – that’s a Yes Mingler! Here, Minglers say, “yes” to meeting and making connections with as many fellow Minglers as possible. How? By jumping into facilitated cooperative play in real life, in real time! The Yes Mingler is ideal for conferences and corporate events as it serves as an un-networking activity because attendees are focused on having fun instead of distributing business cards. Use it at the beginning of your event, and Minglers not only get to know each other, they also get to enjoy each other.

Laughter Lounge

The Laughter Lounge is a place where professional development can blossom through creativity sessions that enable team members to work – and play together! Through cooperative play, the team practices thinking quickly and connecting deeply, so members laugh and grow together. Because no one ever does anything alone, and, everything is conducted in a safe, supportive environment, team members shine! Positive team members make for winning teams and in the Laughter Lounge everyone wins!
Some benefits of the Laughter Lounge could be, and are certainly not limited to:
*A happier, more cohesive team
*An increase in cross-silo communication
*Enhanced active listening skills
*The ability to read nonverbal cues
*Resilience in the workplace
*Greater empathy for each other
*An increase in team morale

Custom Playshops

There’s no better adventure than one that gives you and your group joy and connection! The Adventure Project can host a custom playshop for your retreat, your summer camp, your after-school program, your women’s group, your organization! Whatever your group and your event’s purpose, The Adventure Project can create a custom playshop that gets your team connecting, playing and discovering.

Emcee & Moderator

Whether it’s a family reunion of 20 or a conference of 2,000, Amy’s high-energy, enthusiasm, humor and interactive approach will keep your event on track and your guests entertained. No event is too large or too small: fundraisers, holiday and staff parties, trade shows, corporate events, seminars, awards ceremonies – and more.

Edu-tainment Speaker

Through interactive speaking (put away that PowerPoint!), Amy will deliver what she calls “edu-tainment” at your next conference or retreat. Amy will help her audience discover a mini-adventure by talking with – instead of at – participants. Consider it a collaboration between speaker and audience.

Retreats for Grown-Ups

Camp isn’t just for kids. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat or camp for grown-ups, Amy will have your group excited to take part in the festivities through a variety of activities including laughter yoga, team building exercises and improvisational group games. Amy’s extensive background as a camp counselor for kids and grown-ups means she’s always ready to lead a playful, immersive experience – for any age.

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I am grateful to have this opportunity to focus on myself and continuing to develop my relationship skills to enhance my enjoyment of the next decade of my life. I’m already delighted with the experience and am eager to play for many more weeks with you! It feels like recess.


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