It’s time for recess — and you’re invited!

The Adventure Project Presents Third Space Improv - a studio for creatives in St. Augustine, Florida!

The Adventure Project has opened a studio in St. Augustine — for improv classes, shows, and events! Please read our story and consider a gift to make this space come alive for our community – it’s not just about improv, it’s about the creative community gathering outside of their homes (space 1) and outside of their work (space 2) to grow together here, in our collective Third Space.

Welcome to Third Space Improv!

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Hi, I’m Amy.

Your chief adventure officer.

With more than 20 years of improvisation experience, I created The Adventure Project to facilitate personal and professional transformation by bringing my passion for cooperative play to people – of all ages. I’m a certified laughter yoga leader and have worked in nearly every environment imaginable from retreats and conferences to summer camps and senior centers to universities and corporations. My background is as diverse as my offerings with meaningful travel, thoughtful writing and applied theater experience at the helm. Learn more about my passion for creating immersive interactive experiences for you and your group here.

The Adventure Project is recess for any age.

The Adventure Project blends improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games and retreat activities to create immersive experiences that enable your group to be in the moment, connect with each other, and cooperate together.
Team Building in St. Augustine!
Team Building Around the World!
Team Building Online!

We facilitate playful adventures where your group can discover and connect through team building, improv training and custom playshops in a safe, supportive environment filled with laughter – and fun!

Ready for Recess?

Possible Adventures

The Adventure Project offers adventures to discover, connect and explore through authentic experiences that create a deeper awareness of your inner self as well as your surroundings and your team. Here are just a few of the possible adventures we offer. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, get in touch. We can customize any adventure for groups from 9 to 999.

  • Team building, bonding, and development interactive experiences.
  • Leadership development through applied improvisation.
  • Playshops including improv, laughter yoga and other play adventures.
  • Custom playshops for retreats, summer camps, after-school programs, networking events, senior centers, family reunions and more.
  • Organizational training including communications and soft skills.
  • First-year student orientation experiences that create school spirit, new friendships and engagement – with each other and the school – via interactive, immersive custom minglers.
  • Speaking engagements as well as emcee for parties and conferences.
  • Custom improv shows for organizations and celebrations.


From improvisational theater and laughter yoga to interactive play and team building, there are many benefits to facilitated cooperative play including:

  • Increased confidence and comfort in social settings
  • Improved public speaking skills and acting abilities
  • Enhanced listening and observation skills
  • Richer creative-thinking, decision-making, and brainstorming abilities
  • Increased social and emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced interpersonal and intra-personal skills

I’m ready for an adventure. I’m interested in:

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About Us

The Adventure Project is an experience-based organization based in St. Augustine, Florida that facilitates immersive workshops for personal and professional development. We create and deliver transformational experiences through the art of cooperative play which is why we call our workshops “playshops.”

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