Summer Improv Camp

“My daughter did three different improv camps with Amy. Amy is amazing. She gets them out of their shells and she gets them to look at life from a different point of view — Don’t sweat the small stuff, Don’t take life too seriously, and there is no problem that you can’t solve. These are lessons the kids come to realize through learning improv skills. If someone is looking to try a performing art besides theater, improv is a really great way to boost confidence, build personal communication skills, and realize the potential of your imagination. It’s laughter therapy! And with Amy’s personality and teaching methods, my daughter came away each time with more confidence and a more positive approach to life. Everyone shines in improv, everyone! It is a team effort made up of individual victories. We are grateful to Amy for offering this for younger ages.”

-Jennifer, Parent, St. Augustine, FL

“My daughter loves Amy’s improv camps! They are so fun and instill confidence and promote creativity and critical thinking skills. She can’t wait to take another one!”

– Sam, Parent, St. Augustine, FL

“Kid*Prov has been awesome for my son! He has developed more confidence and interpersonal skills and has met lifelong friends. Amy does awesome work with her campers and I would recommend this camp for any teen.”

– Lucy, Parent, St. Augustine, FL

“Ms. Amy’s summer camps are absolutely awesome – I’ve done them three years in a row. Not only are they a great way to learn team and relationship building skills, but they’re also an awesome way to meet people. These camps have benefitted my life in so many ways and I would recommend them without hesitation.”

– Keenan, Camper, Age 15, St. Augustine, FL

“Amy’s improv camps are fantastic. She is a gifted improv instructor with much to share. Her teachings build on themselves each day and by the end of the week campers are comfortable – and enthusiastic – supporting each other in their showcase. By participating in improv camp, kids learn more about themselves and how they communicate with others while also gaining self confidence.Amy is fantastic at relating to young people and is a great mentor. Her campers love her and I would recommend Amy’s camps to anyone,”

– Angela Adams, School Community Youth Collaborative, Cortez, CO

Campfire Conversations

“Amy, you’re remarkable! It’s genius how you’re able to get people to open up to others. Especially in such a fun, interesting way. I met some lovely people, and I’m looking forward to our next campfire.”

– Marlene, Vilano Beach, Florida

“What an amazing group of people!!!! Thank you so much for facilitating and creating the space to make some incredible new friends.”

– Annette, St. Augustine, Florida

“What an amazing group of people!!!! Thank you so much for facilitating and creating the space to make some incredible new friends.”

– Allison, St. Augustine, Florida

“I went, for my first time, to this event and was so impressed with every single person and the process that we all shared!!! Thank you so much Amy for hosting such a wonderful group!!!! Thank you everyone for being so wonderful!!!”

– Mary Ann, Jacksonville, Florida

“The Adventure Project’s playshop was one of our top morale boosting retreat experiences.”

-Once a Month Meals

Improv Training

“Improv with The Adventure Project is not only fun, but also provides skills that translate into life and business.”

– Scott, Ponte Vedra, Florida

“These classes gave me a chance to explore new dimensions of myself.”

– Brad, St. Augustine, Florida

“Amy got me to think outside the box. We could all use a little more improv in our lives.”

– Jillian, St. Augustine, Florida

“Learning to be spontaneous, making your partner look good, staying in the moment; Who doesn’t need to improve those skills in life or on stage? Amy creates an amazing environment where you are encouraged to take risks while being totally supported, where your peculiarities become assets, and where your passion to learn is fueled. I love it!”

– Pat, Palm Coast, Florida

“This class helped me become more courageous in social situations.”

John, Palm Coast, Florida

“Amy makes improv safe to learn and grown personally and professionally. I highly recommend it!”

Jackie, St. Augustine, Florida

“As a software engineer, It was a fun challenge to practice being less analytical and in my head.”

Brenton, Digital Nomad

“Level 1 improv is a great way to live in the moment and feel like a confident member of a team that is always creating new experiences with one another.”

Nik, Palm Coast, Florida

“The level 1 improv class was a wonderfully fun experience.  Amy has created a comfortable environment rife with encouragement.  Her positivity infects all making it so everyone in the class is a pleasure to be around.  Each class is filled with laughter and bonding.  At the end of the series I learned the seven core concepts of improv.  I was surprised that I was able to apply those concepts in my own life.  This resulted in creating meaningful and positive connections with the people I interact with on a daily basis.”

Todd, Jacksonville, FL

“I am truly amazed at the transformation I experienced from taking Amy’s Level I class. Learning how to be more present, accepting and embracing failure has allowed me to be more  comfortable talking to a group and speaking from the heart.  The exercises are fun and engaging. Don’t miss out on this experience!”

Anne, St. Augustine, FL

“A great opportunity to stretch yourself creatively and sharpen your thinking.”

Dawn, St. Augustine, Florida

“The learning experience goes beyond improv – you learn skills you can use in everyday life.”

Angel, St. Augustine, Florida

“Seven weeks ago I embarked on an adventure to stretch my boundaries by joining an improv class. My original intention was to adjunctly improve my public speaking skills that were already being sharpened by Toastmasters. On the first night of class, I realized that I had stumbled upon tools for a life philosophy. I’ve learned more in the last 8 weeks than I have over the last 24 years of self improvement books and courses.”

Ed, Flagler Beach, Florida

“Taking improv with Amy is a fun, safe, joyful experience.”

Carolyn, St. Augustine, Florida

“This is an awesome experience that everyone needs to try – even if (especially if) they don’t think they can do it.”

Audrey, St. Augustine, Florida

“Improv with Amy is not just a theatrical class, but a life awareness experience.”

Grace, St. Augustine, Florida

“Amy does a fantastic job with level 1. Level 1 presents a number of challenges that Amy handles expertly. Despite a vast range in initial skill or knowledge, no student is left behind, and yet no student is bored. People of all ages were made welcome. It started fun, and it just kept getting better and better. If you take the class you will soon realize that the only down side is when a class ends and you have to wait a week for the next class. Being a great performer does not always equate to being a great, or even a good, instructor. Amy is both a great performer and a great teacher. When you can go see your instructor wow a sold-out crowd and then get to be in her class: that is a great feeling. It is fun. It is exercise for your mind. It is an attitude adjustment without alcohol.”

Don, St. Augustine, Florida

“A very refreshing introduction to the art of playing with adults. I’ve learned to focus on the here and now.”

Gwen, St. Augustine, Florida

“Improv got me out of a funk, got me active, helped me learn things about myself, and has 100% helped with my stand up. Since signing up I have done stand up three times, more than I usually do in two years, in only a few short weeks. Improv has had such a tremendously positive impact on my life.”

Lauren, St. Augustine, Florida

Level 1 Improv is a great place to learn how to be present, get out of your head and be real.”

Marcia, Jacksonville, Florida

“Such a fun, laid back class. As with most classes it starts out with some hesitation among the participants – but watch out by the end of the first class inhibitions have gone and fun and improv is the order of the day.”

Vanessa, Green Cove Springs, Florida

“For someone inexperienced with any art associated with stage/theater, this was a welcoming experience and has brightened my work week.”

Geofrey, St. Augustine, Florida

“The class was fun and took you outside of your comfort zone, but didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.”

Laryssa, St. Augustine, Florida

“The class was a comfortable and compelling introduction to improv.”

John, St. Augustine Beach, Florida

“A great opportunity to express freely, become more aware and in-tune with others with the inevitable laughter and joy you’ll experience.”

Meg, St. Augustine, Florida

“Walking in, I knew nothing about improv and in six weeks I’ve learned so much – I want more.”

James, St. Augustine, Florida

“I love your class and it makes me feel like I’ve found somewhere I fit in. So, thank you for your ‘You-ness.’”

Alexis, St. Augustine, Florida

“A very wise improv coach is reminding us to ‘celebrate’ the downs of life by moving on and building collaboratively from there.”

Rhona, St. Augustine, Florida

“As you age, friends/ family/ self often have high stake illness and issues to manage; and we may forget the value of play and laughter. This feels like play to me!

Dianne, St. Augustine, Florida

“I love this class because it brought me out of my comfort zone, helped me in daily life and let me meet new, amazing people.”

Sophie, St. Augustine, Florida

“I will strongly recommend this class for seniors my age. It will keep you young!”

George, St. Augustine, Florida

“I am grateful to have this opportunity to focus on myself and continuing to develop my relationship skills to enhance my enjoyment of the next decade of my life. I’m already delighted with the experience and am eager to play for many more weeks with you! It feels like recess.”

Mary, St. Augustine, Florida

“I’ve already noticed a difference in myself since I started taking the classes. Even my co-workers have noticed how much more positive I am now.”

Steven, St. Augustine, Florida

Fundamentals of Improvisation at Flagler College

“Amy was a fantastic leader who engaged the class and made people feel welcome. She taught us how to fail without fear, celebrate attempts and constantly improve. She showed how improv applies to life. It was wonderful.”

Kathi, St. Augustine, Florida

Intro to Improv Community Class

“I enjoyed learning skills I can apply in my professional and personal life while having a fun time!”

Elizabeth, St. Augustine, Florida

“It was a safe place to make mistakes and make magic.”

Jillian, St. Augustine, Florida

Senior Summer Improv Camp

“Amy’s energy is contagious! I have taken improv in the past and this is the best class ever!”

Hazel, St. Augustine, Florida

“This is an excellent way to get out of your head.”

Ron, St. Augustine, Florida

Improv for Everybody! Playshop

“I went to see what improv was all about. It was one of the greatest experiences in my 91 years!!!!”

Rene, St. Augustine, Florida

“As a life-long introvert, this is sort of an introductory Improv for Introverts, no doubt about it. There are many of us out there, and a class of this nature might repel introverts. But take solace, this class was designed to accommodate you! I had some discomfort before the exercises got under way, but by the end I was laughing, laughing and laughing. Definitely a mood-altering experience of a sort. On the surface, the exercises described by Amy before we began them seemed a bit silly and perhaps even childish. But once you’ve participated, you find that these are a sort of brain exercises. Unforgettable! I’m still feeling the buzz from the class a day later. Forget traditional forms of therapy- sign up for one of Amy’s classes today!”

Phil, St. Augustine, Florida

“The class was a fun inclusive group! Amy was a great teacher who guided the class with ease and made the whole experience relaxed. A great way to learn how to stay in the moment!”

Rebecca, St. Augustine, Florida

“Amy was very creative and open minded. She’s a super fun teacher!”

Amanda, Denver, Colorado

“Amy is very enthusiastic and motivating – she’s open and very encouraging.”

Richele, Denver, Colorado

“Amy is energetic and works with students at the place they are in.”

Johnny, Boulder, Colorado

“Amy was an enthusiastic instructor who knew her craft and created a welcoming, safe environment for her students. It was a very fun class!”

Student, Colorado Free University

“Amy was very dynamic, encouraging, funny and energetic. She made it fun and imaginative.”

Student, Colorado Free University

“Amy got me curious and intrigued. I want more! Keep on teaching!”

Joan, Denver, Colorado

Creating Connections That Matter Playshop

“I recently attended a workshop with Amy on using emotion to create connection for scene work.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the exercises useful for all aspects of life.  Having only been in improv for about 2 years, I found the workshop to be enlightening, with some very handy skills to keep in my ‘bag of tricks’.  Any workshop with Amy would be highly recommended-she really brings a different mindset in regards to instructing.  The whole group was very affected, in a great way!”

Kim, Myrtle Beach, SC

Moving Forward by Saying ‘Yes!’ Playshop

“Absolutely loved Amy! She brings humor into the seriousness of making our way through difficult times! Very memorable.”

Attendee, We Move Forward Women’s Conference, Retreat & Celebration

“One of the highlights for me at the conference this year….What am I saying “YES” to in my life?!”

Lynda, Toronto, Canada

“Smash Hit!”

Attendee, We Move Forward Women’s Conference, Retreat & Celebration

Improv for Mindful Living Playshop

“I quickly realized I was in a safe, supportive environment where I could let loose and have fun.”

Lisa, Arvada, Colorado

“I loved it – what great grounding and centering!”

Marcia, Westminster, Colorado

“This was a great way to get outside of yourself by saying, ‘yes’ to play!”

Nancy, Arvada, Colorado

“We had so much fun! Thank you!”

Chris, Denver, Colorado

Laughter Yoga Playshop

“My headache went away, and, my dog is evening enjoying it with me!”

– Berna, The International Tele’Drama Institute

“The laughter yoga was very helpful for stretching and laughter as I recover from a double mastectomy.”

– Elaine, Society for Science

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in yoga class. Thank you, Amy. I’m gonna have to make a habit of this.”

– Caroline, Tallahassee Senior Center

“The laughter was contagious and very much needed during halftime at our full day virtual conference.”

– Florida for Good/B Tourism

“It was a very engaging session!”

– The Northrop Grumman Women’s Conference Planning Committee

“Just wanted you to know that I received lots of positive feedback on your Laughter Yoga session. Faculty are recommending to other groups on Campus that you come back!”

– Mary P. Shotwell, PhD, OT/L, FAOTA, Professor and Program Director (Interim), University of St. Augustine for the Health Sciences

“Amy was personable, relatable, and fun. She was able to take a moment of high-stress for our team, and turn it into a carefree release of tension. The movements she incorporated eased tightness in our neck and shoulders we were not even aware of, and naturally brought out lightness and laughter amidst a time when things seemed super heavy. Amy creates a judgement-free zone where you can truly let go, find joy, and become grounded and centered on the bigger picture.”

– Kate Bean, Event Manager, Davine Events, Boston, MA

“In the midst of an intense, stressful week, Amy made it possible for our team to take a step back, decompress, laugh together, reconnect, have fun, and relieve some stress – all of which better prepared us for the week of client programs that we were about to undertake.  We approached our demanding projects with more team camaraderie, grounded-ness, creativity, and feeling at our best. As a facilitator, Amy was able to keep the mood light and help us not take ourselves to seriously.  With a personable and approachable attitude, she was able to create an atmosphere where we immediately felt comfortable, clearly guided, and stress-free.”

– Elizabeth Shaw, Event Strategist, The Event Influencer, Boston, MA

“I had the privilege of attending one of Amy’s laughter yoga sessions at a recent conference. Using a unique combination of meditation, gentle stretches, improv, and laughter, Amy creates a delightful experience that feels exactly like recess for grown-ups. It’s been a long time since I have participated in such uninhibited, joyful play. Who says make believe is just for kids? I came to the session feeling tired and came out of it feeling serene and rejuvenated. Thank you for sharing your amazing superpowers of laughter and play, Amy! If everyone did laughter yoga with you, we might come very close to achieving world peace.”

– Alyson, Austin, TX

“Laughter yoga is so fun! And a wonderful way to let down your guard to show more of your authentic self.”

– Tasha, St. Augustine, FL

“Not going to lie, I was super skeptical about laughter yoga because it was way outside my comfort zone. However, I’ve tried it on the drive back home from work each day. It really helped my mood each time and I think it inspired me to be more playful and present with my daughter. Going to keep trying it as long as it keeps giving me a boost of joy!”

Rick, Longmont, Colorado

“Amy’s laughter yoga class made me feel relaxed and positive. Oh, and I cracked up too. What’s not to love?!”

Breau, Vilano Beach, Florida

“I left this wonderful experience feeling lighter and breathing easier.  And it was fun!  Amy has a goal and knows how to attain it and easily passes it on. She’s experienced, focused, patient and kind; exactly what I look for in a leader.”

Kathy, Palm Coast, Florida

Scenes from the Heart Playshop

“I took Amy’s workshop Scenes From the Heart with Amy at the Palm Beach Improv Festival in Delray Beach, Florida. It was superb!!! Amy made everyone feel safe and welcome and was so loving to us all. As an Improviser of over 20 years I feel you should never stop learning and I learned so many new skills from her to up my improv game.” 
Darryl, Tampa Bay, FL

Playshops with Breakthrough Play

“I had the pleasure of participating in a few of Gary and Amy’s playshops at a conference in Portland. I felt the power of play as a gateway for authentic communication and creativity firsthand and I was convinced this would be a valuable perspective for my team. So, I invited Gary and Amy to Nicaragua and they facilitated a series of playshops and activities with my local Nicaragua staff. At first, people were shy and didn’t know what to expect, but Amy’s expert Spanish translating, Gary’s accessibility and their combined energy took the room to a place they had never gone before. We naturally have started incorporating some element of play into our all staff meetings and its served as a great team building tool for our organization. I can’t wait to have Gary and Amy back with our teams.” 

Muffadal Saylawala, Owner, Casa Oro Properties about Team Building

“Fun class! I am an introvert so I had to push myself in this class – it was so good for me!! Loved how you tied the exercises back to real life. The “Yes, and…..” was my favorite exercise. Eye opening with how things progress in business meetings! Thank you!”

Attendee, Transform Your Life with Purposeful Play, 2018 World Domination Summit

“It was such a fun experience to know that everyone present was willing and interested in being their true, authentic selves – I felt like we all connected very well as a group. You both have a contagious energy that helped me, typically a more reserved person, feel completely at ease participating in the fun out-of-the-ordinary activities that you had planned.”

Cameron, San Diego, CA about Yes Mingler

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The Adventure Project is a full-service, experience-based company based in St. Augustine, Florida that offers improvisation, laughter yoga, mindfulness exercises, camp games, retreat activities and team building for personal and professional development. We host individuals, organizations and travel adventures by creating transformational experiences through the art of play.

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