Playing with my new laughter yoga friends at Jump! in Boise, Idaho

This year I’ve been on a mission to find, and connect with, my people – both friends and connections from the past as well as new ones. This seek and find mission has led me to Salt Lake City, UT; Allenspark, CO; San Miguel de Allende, MX; Portland, Oregon; Sandpoint, ID; Boise, ID; New York, NY; Smithtown, NY; YBor City, FL; Delray Beach, FL; Nashville, TN; and, all over the actual town where I live, St. Augustine, Florida. And, there have been many, many, many zoom calls sprinkled into the mix.

What’s led me to this quest? My friend, Jan Keck, creator of the Ask Deep Questions card game and my Campfire Conversations co-creator, is the person who inspired this journey. In the summer of 2018 we led our first Campfire Conversations – an opportunity for attendees to connect more deeply using his cards – during the beginning of the World Domination Summit. It was during that session, when I was paired up with someone needing a partner, that I realized I too could benefit from walking my talk. Although I was connecting with people at home and in my travels, I wasn’t doing an awesome job of keeping the connections growing and thriving. Because of that, it seemed like I didn’t have the long-term deep connections that I was so craving. Those five minutes led to a trip to Nashville, which is leading to another trip to Nashville next month. And, that’s the tip of the watering-my-connections iceberg.

Jan’s Ask Deep Questions card game where you can be curious, brave and vulnerable.

In spending time with Jan, I realized that deep connections, like any other relationship, require effort. If we want intentional friends, we have to open up space – in our calendars and in our hearts – for them to show up and be appreciated. At home, I’m trying to reach out to local folks – who I want more of – to let them know that although I travel a lot and I have a lot of friends all over the place, my local connections matter.

And, when I want BIG doses of my people, I go to these events:

World Domination Summit – An unconventional week for unconventional thinkers where we explore the question, “How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?” Created around the core principals of service, adventure and community, WDS is the one place in the world where I can show up 100% as myself, and, be embraced exactly how I am – flaws and foibles, with tears and laughter, and, with a desire to support and be supported. There’s nothing we can’t bring to WDS if we’re looking to be the best version of ourselves, and, to put that version out there to make make the world a better place for each other.

My WDS Partner in Play, Gary Ware – and yes, we’re (of course) wearing our capes!

Applied Improv Network World Conference – A gathering of improv practitioners who believe that cooperative play promotes personal and professional development and has the power to improve the quality of our lives, our organizations, our communities, and ultimately our world. Here, it’s not just about creating an improv show — it’s about creating a worldwide improv movement. By supporting each other, making each other look brilliant and collaborating, we bring the tenants of improv off the stage and into real life, so that we all thrive – together.

#AIN19 play buddies that are now playing together, using Jan’s cards, on monthly calls.

Everything Conference – A multipotentialite meeting of the minds where participants are encouraged to help each other build sustainable and fulfilling lives as multipods. Oh yeah … so what’s a multipod? Think of it as a creative person who does many things in life as opposed to a specialist who is called to do that one thing. Sometimes multipods are misunderstood, so imagine a gathering of 100 MPs that are embracing each other’s things and challenges and dreams and desires and … and … and… ! It was – and continues to be – magical as this group committed to keeping in touch with each other and supporting each other through the journeys that lie ahead. (In fact, I’m behind on my work because I’ve been connecting a little TOO much with these folks since the first-ever conference was just a few weeks ago!)

The Campfire Conversations crew at #ETC19

So I invite you to take the leap and find your own people if you’re feeling a little static, a little unsupported or a little lonely. They may be right there where you live, or, they may be on another continent. It doesn’t matter where they are. All that matters is that YOU (yes, you) commit to doing the work to finding and cultivating these deep connections. You’ll be able to have a fuller, richer life, and, you’ll be able to help THEM (your deep connections) have fuller richer lives too. Humans need connections to thrive, so there’s no shame in intentionally seeking your people – wherever they may be.

When you do, drop me a line and let me know how your life changes.

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